"It’s hard to resist a bad girl who is a good woman."

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A lot of big changes are coming my way and it scares me to say I’m not sure what’ll get thrown at me but I am more excited for whatever it may be! I’m moving to New York, Brooklyn, bay ridge area… Right by the water it’s so lovely I was there as a kid once. Nice part of Brooklyn. I’m just so nervous because I’m choosing to move out and have an apartment and have an adult life basically haha
Some of you have stuck through since I first started this blog back when I was 12 (omfg bless u for staying wtf) and it’s just amazing to watch not only myself but others grow up… Then compare it to where it was when I started tumblr….
Well anyways just venting out my little jitters
I’ll set my plane date either tomorrow or the next but I’ve already started packing haha
Well yeah that’s it just venting haha if you’ll be living in my general area my dudes hmu if ur trying to smoke, chill, take some shots, got a small business you want to take off let me help ya! Haha I can’t wait for what lies ahead of me in NYC